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What happens at a celebrant wedding?

Celebrant wedding ceremonies are joyful and meaningful celebrations of love, marriage and partnership. They can be held anywhere, any time, with any content – as celebrants we impose no restrictions.

They usually include all the elements you would expect from a wedding ceremony, such as readings, vows and exchanging of rings, but they can include a multitude of other elements too.

Most couples like the celebrant to share their love story, some couples choose to include cultural or spiritual elements; some incorporate a handfasting, or even a sing-song! With an independent celebrant you can acknowledge and weave in all beliefs, cultures and sentiments – as much or as little as you like – and create a ceremony that truly reflects you.

This is a stark contrast to the limited options offered by the registration service, where wedding ceremonies are usually subject to time constraints and can only be held in licensed premises. With celebrant weddings, couples meet and get to know their chosen celebrant in advance of the ceremony, meaning they can work together to create a meaningful occasion with someone they know they will feel at ease with on the day.

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