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What is a Celebrant?

A celebrant is a self-employed individual who conducts personal and meaningful ceremonies, including funerals, weddings, vow renewals and naming ceremonies. These ceremonies are created bespoke for each couple or family, with no restrictions imposed on location, timing or content. In short, celebrants work closely with every client to create a ceremony that’s perfect for them and their occasion.

Some celebrants describe themselves as humanist celebrants because they work within the humanism belief system. However the majority of celebrants are independent celebrants as they operate outside of any particular belief system or framework, adapting their ceremonies to suit the values of the individuals they’re working with.

One of our key aims is to create more awareness of how much choice people have when it comes to planning their key life events, particularly weddings and funerals. So if you’ve ever felt restricted and limited on occasions such as these – or know someone who has – read on to find out how different it could be!

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