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Your wedding, your way. Celebrants provide options to celebrate your love.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Planning your wedding? Thinking about having a Celebrant conduct your wedding ceremony? Let me tell you why that's a brilliant idea!

A Registrar is a local authority official employed by the Register Office who can complete the legal registration of your marriage and inspired by fabulous Celebrant weddings, some are now adding in the odd element of choice to their ceremonies.

Do they offer the same wedding experience that I do? No, absolutely not!

As an independent Celebrant, I will create a ceremony that allows you to celebrate your wedding in whatever inventive, creative way you would like. I will work closely with you, usually over many months, meet with you, connect with you on a personal level, get to know you, your children and other family members, meet your pets and, if appropriate, plan their involvement. I will listen to your hopes and dreams for your wedding ceremony and then make them come true.

There are no limitations, no restrictions; you choose where, when, how.

We will work collaboratively together to perfect the ceremony and on the 'Big Day' it will be me there welcoming you, someone you have a connection with, and I will ensure your dream ceremony is a reality that creates cherished memories for you and your guests.


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